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Water treatment centers eliminate the need to purchase distilled bottled water in bulk. Our range of Aquaclave water treatment solutions allow you to produce your own deminearlized water in your dental practice at a low cost. This process saves time on transporting, storing and disposing of the plastic containers that are required when purchasing bottled water. 

Choosing the right water system can be a complex and confusing issue. We have made the decision simple. We have chosen the best and proven systems used throughout the medical industry.

aqualife ro p5

The R.O. P5 as mentioned is usually mounted beneath a bench or sink. It is a pump driven system capable of producing up to 4 litres per minute of sterilisation quality water. Furthermore the system may be plumbed directly some steriliser models reducing the drudgery of manually filling autoclaves. The AquaClave is supplied with a Total Dissolved Solids meter to check that the treated water meets the required high quality. The main advantage of the RO P5 process is it is more capital cost effective than generating steam. The R.O.P5 system is reliant on water pressure alone and is not subject to the comparatively short life of equipment that is subjected to continuous power or heat generated from high cost and environmentally challenging energy sources.

The Aqualife Mineralized RO P5 avoids the inefficiency and high cost of purchasing bottled distilled or standard bottle water which lacks the essential nutritional quality of tap water. This Australian developed process produces up to 300 litres per day of pure water that has effectively minimized unwanted contaminants and any imbalances in dissolved minerals and salts. 

The Mineralized RO P5 is a multistage system relying on a number of technologies to deliver pure water to people with severe health challenges. The system provides for manual flushing of the membrane to ensure consistency in production of high water quality.

Careful attention to pretreatment of the water prior to entering the reverse osmosis membrane is provided. This two stage critical process removes suspended solids, dissolved organic matter and chlorine.

Reverse Osmosis - The reverse osmosis membrane has been engineered scientifically to produce exceptionally high quality water. The Mineralizer R O system is supplied with an eleven litre storage tank that guarantees a constant supply in most situations of high quality nutritious drinking water at a flow rate of 4 litres per minute.

The two stage water polishing system is provided to regenerate the essential nutrients of calcium, manganese and sodium and also to move residual organic elements that may generate unpleasant taste and odour. The five stage treatment process produces the highest quality healthy drinking water at a flow rate of 4 litres per minute.

Please note that this system is only suitable for use on disinfected potable water supplies from your local water authority. For areas where tank or other water is required please consult Aqualife. To achieve the water quality indicated above the system must be operated in accordance with the operating and maintenance instructions. On site verification of the water quality is required.  

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Rotek Australia is specialists in design and manufacture of whole building purification systems. Systems can include Reverse Osmosis, water softening, chemical dosing, electro-deionisation, resin ion exchange, UV and corona discharge Ozone sanitation systems. In an industry where water quality counts and poor water can be costly to your instrumentation, Rotek can design, build and install a water treatment system to suit any size medical/dental facility.

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The inexpensive ion exchanger.

MELAdem 40 facilitates the economical production of demineralised water (aqua dem) in the practice. In accordance with the ion exchange principle, ions contaminating mains water (e.g. calcium, magnesium etc.) are exchanged for hydrogen and hydroxide ions.

In this way, MELAdem 40 delivers high quality feed water for automatic supply to MELAG autoclaves

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Greater quantities of water at low cost!
Increasing hygiene requirements in the processing of medical products can involve the frequent sterilizing of instruments. The consequent increased need for high quality demineralised water is provided amply by the MELAdem 47 and at low cost. The reversal of the physical principle of osmosis is an extremely environmentally-friendly type of water processing.

MELAdem 47 produces around 3-5 litres of feed water per hour, so that several MELAG autoclaves can be supplied at the same time.

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