ABC Sterilizers Pty Ltd installs, validates and service a full range of benchtop sterilisers, large freestanding autoclaves, and disinfectors. .

B class sterilisers

premium class 40b+, 41b+, 43b+ & 44b+

The benchmark for all "Class B" autoclaves. Sterilization in record time, greatest ease of use and complete reliablity.
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Pro class 23b+ & 31B+

Robust, compact and reliable. These "Class B" autoclaves have been exhaustivel tried and tested and found to be reliable and robust. They are quick and easy to use and come packaged in a compact design.

Cliniklav 45

The big and fast autoclave for large practices. Particularly fast operating times, a high load capacity and a reliable sterilization safety are the most important requirements for a large autoclave for practices and clinics.



s class sterilisers

euroklav s class

The "Class S" of the euroclav model series. High performance "Class S" autoclaves with fast programs and versatile documentation options for single wrapped instruments.


Melatronic 15en+

Class S" autoclave, chamber volume: 7 litres. Fitted with active drying, the MELAtronic 15EN+ is the ideal autoclave for podiatry practice. It was specially developed for the narrowest spatial areas.

Melaquick 12+

Compact, Fast & Strong. The fast autoclave, which in approx. only 7 minutes can sterilize up to 12 transmission instruments or other instruments up to 20cm in length. .