General Overview

ABC Sterilizers supply various brands and models of autoclaves plus a range of complementary products. Please contact us for a price. We have units to suit all styles of practice. If you are not sure what you need please contact us and we will through it with you but in the mean time the information below may help.

types of sterilisers?

steriliser class

In choosing a steriliser it is vitally important to purchase the unit that will sterilise for your specific requirements. The choice will come down to three “classes” of unit. B Class, S Class and N Class. In our range of units, the most commonly used are B and S Class units. These two classes represent the range from basic sterilisation through to the most complex loads and instrument styles.

b class

The B Class unit is designed for use in practices which sterilize complex loads, linens, and hollow instruments. A “B Class” cycle is capable of sterilizing all wrapped (single or double) or unwrapped items, including porous and cannulated items that do not exceed the specifications of Hollow load Type A. Practices which would need a B Class unit include Dental, Hospital, General Day Surgery and Specialist Surgery Centres.

s class

The S Class unit is designed for use where the instruments to be sterilised are generally deemed to be less than B Class requirements. However where the manufactures states, the operator may be able to sterilise up to B Class ranges of sterilisation. The S Class unit is generally suited best for general practice, veterinary, podiatry laboratory and some specialists.

how to choose

  • Identify the type of practice you have: dental, medical, podiatry etc
    Identify the style of instrumentation you use, hollow or solid.
    Identify the type of wrapping you use for your instrumentation (or lack of).
    Chose the appropriate Class of unit, B or S Class.
    Choose the chamber size most appropriate to the size of your instrumentation (generally 18 or 24 litre in bench tops) the Cliniklav is free standing))
    Choose the additional features offered with each brand of unit: printer, USB, speed, direct comms connection, touch screen.
    Consult with ABC Sterilisers if you have any queries on any of the units in our range

who needs our products?

We have units to suit all styles of practice. Such as:
Beauty Salons
Day Surgeries
Dental Surgeries
Denture Clinics
Medical Specialists
Medical Surgeries
Veterinary Surgeries

water purifiers

  1. Choosing the right water system can be a complex and confusing issue. We have made the decision simple. We have chosen the best and proven systems used throughout the medical industry.

  1. Consult with your water supplier and have the quality in your location tested.
    Roughly estimate your water usage.
  2. Identify the volume of purified water requirement for your practice.

Consult with ABC Sterilisers, Rotec and Aqualife so we can assist further with your requirements